Sunday, March 29

trains, aka how i spend my life

Sunday, March 29
March 27: On a train, on the way to Venice

We're sitting on a plush ICE train in Germany on our way to Munich. (The we, by the way, is me, Rachel, Kathy, Brittany, Caroline, Amanda, and Kaitlyn.) It even has radio stations- you just plug in your headphones! Oldies right now, though we did enjoy a strange Italian song that included the lyrics, "ahh, shuttuppa yo face-a"!

Kathy and I made a friend in the dining car. He thought we were British because we ordered tea but when we revealed our Texan loyalty he wanted to know whether we had ever been bitten by a snake while swimming. Then he mistook my major, psychology, for scientology...noooo. He asked a lot of questions. We have encountered a lot of very nice, helpful people in Europe, especially in Germany.

Anyway, the ride's gone well so far. We had a little confusion when a train switch listed on our schedule actually meant "run all the way to 20 cars ahead of the train so it doesn't take you to Budapest when it splits four ways." But, we made it. Seasoned train veterans by now.

Right now we're laughing at the mountain of candy that Kathy brought: marshmallows, Cadbury know, things that will keep us going, haha. The running joke is using the word "beast" right now. So we listened to songs by Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and laughed for hours. The beast will make off with your children!! Ummm anyway, I am tired and sleep-deprived, so it's time to nap. I can't wait to get to Italy- we have about 8 hours left. Good night!