Friday, April 10

famous landmarks

Friday, April 10
April 9

Finally, we got to see the Rome that everyone talks about. And yes, it is amazing.

Colosseum: HUGE! I really want to see Gladiator now. It was pretty amazing. Our guide told us about the elevator systems and methods and exotic animals brought in when the arena was used. I can't believe this enormous structure is still standing and able to hold people.

Roman Forum: One of the most beautiful settings for ruins on a hill in the city surrounded by flowers and fields and trees. Pillars and statues resisting weather and time stand defiantly among magnificently crumbling walls. I loved seeing this part of Rome that exists within the confines of an old yet modern city. Amanda, Kathy and I bought some sweet old school sunglasses in stoplight colors...look forward to an excellent photo shoot.

Wedding Cake: I need to find its real name...but I loved this building. One word...epic. (Actually that applies to everything on this list.)

Pantheon: Enormous and a very popular tourist spot. However I thought it was more impressive outside than in. The pillars in front were imposing.

Piazza Navona: A bustling square filled with artists selling their work, including a man frozen like he was running and an amazing spray paint artist. The 8 of us girls enjoyed a famous dessert at a restaurant along the square called "death by chocolate," a tartuffo of chocolate gelato covered in flakes of hard chocolate, filled with fudge all around a cherry...lived up to the name. After another glance at the awesome Colosseum lit up at night we headed back to end our last night in Rome!