Saturday, April 11

pisa- more to offer than just a leaning tower!

Saturday, April 11
So I realized wayyyy after getting back that I missed posting about Pisa, and the second half of Florence for some reason! Sadly, Kathy had fallen ill and was on mandatory bed rest as the rest of us girls headed to Pisa for the afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the city was absolutely charming! It kind of reminded me of Maastricht a little- there is a main shopping area along the street, and of course plenty of market-like stalls, and a river that kind of bisects the town.

Then there is the obvious combination of older architecture with modern components and accommodations. I really wish we had more time to spend in Pisa, but mostly we found the famous leaning tower, which seriously does lean, enjoyed a relaxing time just chilling in front of the architecture.

I had to laugh at all of the people posing for pictures as if they were holding the tower up...

...outside of the context they (and we) looked pretty silly!! We also bumped into some Baylor girls who had the same idea for the day! All in all it was a fun quick trip.