Monday, April 20

the rich life

Monday, April 20
April 15

We took an early train to Monaco this morning. It´s the second smallest country (I think), after the Vatican, known for the Grand Prix, Grace Kelly, yachts, and everything else that comes with being rich. Because I´m pretty sure everyone here is. Monte Carlo is basically every man´s paradise, starting with James Bond. It really is full of fancy expensive cars (there is a Ferrarri store right near the port) and boats, with lush plants (trees and flowers spill out of every balcony). Some of the city, including the casino, is on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the French coast.

We basically just walked around, admiring the city and taking celebrity-style pictures in front of the casino (which we couldn´t enter, being neither rich nor famous).

I had to remind myself that this is a rare lifestyle. And really, that´s true for the entire trip. Never again in my life will I have such time and opportunity plus youth and energy to travel basically every day like this. It´s hard not to be jealous of the people who live here and enjoy not only fine things but fine views. And yet, this somehow makes it easier to appreciate the beauty of my home and the opportunities that I have to experience such things.

We returned to Nice for lunch (delicious kebabs...I am officially addicted) and another stop by the beach. We also visited an amazing Russian-inspired church in town. I think it is one of the coolest buildings I have seen so far. After, we spent an afternoon walking down the Promenade along the beach and shopping. I scored some cute shorts and dressy tops since my few outfits have been WELL worn [out]. Plus I only really have cold-weather clothes and the weather is warming up. Also I can´t wear jeans because of my sunburn! I borrowed Rach's shorts to suntan outside. Ok, I´m really just trying to justify my purchases. Moving on...

I´m writing this on a Spain! These cute kids are sitting in front of us but earlier an explosion of French Alvin and the Chipmunks busted through the train. They are cute but oh dear they are loud. Anyways, our last dinner as a group was tonight as Caroline took a train to the UK and we split for Spain. We had dinner at a patisserie where we made a ruckus laughing as usual but this time we were unfortunately approached by a creepy wino as we ate outside. He crept up behind me and asked us, "why are we all wet?" because it had started to rain. While our neighboring French diners laughed at our discomfort, our nice waiter came to the rescue and fended the creeper off. Thank goodness.