Wednesday, April 8

to roma

Wednesday, April 8
April 6

Back in Athens, we heard about the horrible earthquake in central Italy over breakfast as we prepared to leave. We did some quick emailing and internet research and decided to go ahead as planned. We did some quick shopping downtown and then journeyed back to Patras to take the 15 hour (turned 19 hour with delays and confusion around 3 am) ferry. Then it was a few hours on a busy train to Rome.

April 7

We didn't do much sightseeing our first night (the train arrived at night) but Lexie was waiting for us at the station and so a glorious reunion of the girls of our travel family, aka "the nine" ensued. She had been traveling with her mom in Berlin and Prague. Chris was on a different train to Rome and met up with us the next morning. (That's Amanda, Brittany, Caroline, Chris, Joanna, Kaitlyn, Kathy, Lexie, and Rachel.) Our first night consisted of extreme laundry action...having worn only the clothes in my backpack for the whole travel time this far!! The people at the laundromat did our laundry for us while we ate ravioli and chilled in a nearby nice.

Smelling fresh and clean we headed to the Trevi fountain to see it at night...I had no idea it was part of a building! It's massive and surrounded by people and sellers but was a pretty huge, grand sight. We grabbed some gelato from a really nice man and it was basically the BEST we've had. I had banana and it was heavenly. We promised to come back...we did the next night. We took the metro there (our hostel was right near the main train station) but had to take a bus back as it was past midnight. On the way, our bus packed with passengers blew a tire with extreme force (luckily we were almost to our stop) and was tilted over on one side, I have a picture. Then it was off to bed to rest and prepare to tackle Vatican City the next morning!