Saturday, March 21

heir and a half

Saturday, March 21
I bet you're wondering about Kathy and her heritage. Well, here's what we found out. This took trips to multiple palaces and the questioning of many very nice Danish people. Denmark is the oldest kingdom in the there were places aplenty to continue our search. We were thwarted, twice, by none other than her majesty Queen Margrethe of Denmark herself!

Our journey began at Christiansborg Palace, known for its colorful tapestries. We figured this would be a good place to start, as Kathy is supposed to be related to Christian VIII. A lady there knew a ton about the Danish crown, so we told her our story. She was confused at first, because Christian VIII did not have any heirs- his cousin took the throne next.

Our next stop was Amalienborg Palace, the apparent residence of Christian VIII. Yet again...the queen was there! She was visiting a new exhibit that we wanted to see in the museum. So we staked it out and snuck a glimpse of her in her limo. We waited around and saw the changing of the guard, complete with ceremony. Then we finally got to see the museum, which had a tiara exhibit and rooms that Christian VIII inhabited. Here, we discovered that our friend the past king allegedly had an affair with his maid, possibly producing children. Could this be the link?

We decided to confirm the heritage. So we visited Kathy's Danish relatives. They were soo nice, and we went to church with them on Sunday morning. The verdict?? YES. Christian VIII had a relationship with his maid. Kathy is the illegitimate heir to the Danish throne!!

On the metro back to our hotel, we met yet another person...I swear the Wilsons make friends wherever they go. He was Danish, and working on his MD. Ironically he told us he was about to go study a rare muscle disease, in Dallas!

The journey ended with a visit to the treasury of Rosenborg Palace, which houses the crown jewels. It was pretty cool.

Thus ends our saga...I have a semi-royal friend! :)