Tuesday, April 14


Tuesday, April 14
April 14

Today was fantastic. It is our last full day together (the group of us eight girls). We basically spent the day lounging on the beach in Nice-- it was sooo great. The water is bright blue and the weather is perfect. Nice is really...nice. Haha. It is a cute, sophisticated but not pretentious town. It's beautiful, but not fast-paced like a lot of other cities we have been to.

I did get a tomato red sunburn on my legs but hey the truth is that they haven't seen the light of day in ages...so naturally it was a little overwhelming.

Anyway we spent the afternoon on the beach and then Kathy and I decided to take a 30 minute ride to Cannes while everyone else chilled.

It was really cool!

It is also along the coast and has palm trees, and actually reminded us a lot of California. We saw the red carpet and the film festival building and enjoyed a quick trip over there.

Interestingly we encountered an Irish couple on the train back as well as a younger guy who was clearly interested in Kathy. He moved seats to sit directly in front of her in our compartment! He also spontaneously jumped out of his seat and squealed as we passed a city he had lived in before. Later the dude asked us if we wanted to come over when we got back to Nice...thanks but no thanks buddy.

I know we're in France but we had Asian cuisine for dinner which was delicious. Now some of us are doing laundry while others are blogging. :) I am heading to bed and then tomorrow we are going to visit Monaco and then enjoy an afternoon in Nice before our night train to Barcelona. Sadly Caroline is splitting off tomorrow night for the UK and Brittany will be meeting her parents in Spain, so our number is decreasing!

Believe it or not, this is in Nice!