Tuesday, April 14

happy time with nature

Tuesday, April 14
April 13

Sadly, our last day in Italy arrived. We woke up super early to tackle the hiking trail along more of Cinque Terre. It was glorious! We hiked right alongside the ocean.

I enjoyed some incredible nature time there though the terrain was a little difficult. We walked by mountains, ocean, vineyards, small waterfalls and cute small towns along the path.

I am so proud of this picture...it's along the Via dell'Amore and I realized it would be the perfect spot for everyone to sit in a window along the coast! Unlike the day before, it was very busy! We bumped into Jazzy and her parents along the trail. We had a delicious lunch at one of the towns where we ordered fresh fruit juice...mmm pear.

I absolutely loved Cinque Terre and would recommend it to anyone who likes outdoorsy things. Again it is a tragedy that I can't upload pictures yet. It's a great side of Europe that is totally different from anything else and popular but not crazy busy.

We did hit a bit of a rush on the way back-- delayed trains with another to catch to Nice, France. Everyone barely made it on before the train started to move!