Saturday, April 4


Saturday, April 4
So, my last post was a little...depressing. But let me just say that every moment in Santorini from the moment we landed has made up for the torturous ride here. When the hour finally came to depart the ferry, it was a ravenous stampede to the exit. I didn't take a video but some of my travel buddies did. Put yourself into Simba's paws in the stampede scene from The Lion King when Mufasa is trampled...and you will know what it was like.

Everyone yelled sweet victory as the ramp descended and we rushed out onto the warm sunny island. Our host from the hostel met us and took us to our place for the next two nights. Except for my water bottle exploding on some of the other guests' suitcases (whoops) everything went smoothly. We scooted over to an internet cafe to sign up for classes and then met up with Brittany and Rachel, who were already in Santorini. Surprise! Bri, Jazzy, and Taylor were there too! So we all went out for a nice Greek dinner- 11 girls and 1 guy. One of the waiters called Chris the boss and applauded his presence among 11 ladies. "You are a prince!" he said. Not for the first time our bill was lower than expected, and we got something for free. If I haven't said this already, I love Greece!!

More on the beautiful island and riding an ATV when I get internet again! Tomorrow morning we head back to Athens!