Tuesday, April 7

ridin like a pro

Tuesday, April 7
April 4

What a rush! After a stop at a local bakery, the 8 of us rented ATVs and cruised around the entire island. It was 2 to a vehicle and Iàd consider it to be one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Kathy and I took turns driving and taking pictures and videos. The scenery was just amazing- definitely the most beautiful views yet.

Our caravan of 4 vehicles followed each other to the beach and along mountains as we looked cool in our sunglasses and helmets. Now I understand the allure of motorcycles. The sea was a deep blue, coupled with the white flat houses lined with classic Santorini blue and yellow flowers among the grass. This made the ferry from hell seem like a hazy forgotten nightmare. I got a sweet sunburn on my nose, and Kathy and I bought some Grecian-style dresses in Athens which made the pictures even better. The island is small enough that we covered both ends, Oia, Red Beach, and Fira in the middle, in half a day.

Continuing the tradition of delicious cuisine was not a problem. We stopped in the main town of Fira, where we were staying, for tasty gyros and ice cream. For dinner, amazing kebabs. Eating in Greece is surprisingly more like home than anywhere else. You are encouraged to share, water is relatively inexpensive, and bread is an appetizer.

I loved being able to explore an entire island in the open air, and I'm glad our time here wasn't too long...because that means I will just have to come back. :)


greatlakesarah said...

Uggggh, come home please because I miss you.

Carla said...

It sounds like you are having so much fun!!!