Tuesday, May 5


Tuesday, May 5
April 17

The train from Barcelona to Madrid was heavenly!

The whole process was like an airport, only less stressful. I changed into shorts so my legs could continue to recover from the sunburn. We watched a movie (Meet Dave-- superbly bad acting of Eddie Murphy with a just as questionable Spanish dub), stretched out in the super nice chairs, and the "stewardesses" handed out candy at the end of the ride...yes please!

The weather in Madrid wasn't much better, but we checked into our hostel and the six of us met up with Chris again at La Plaza Mayor, a happening place. There was a group of happy people singing and dancing so we enjoyed the music even though it was drizzling.
After a fun reunion dinner at an all you can eat buffet (complete with flan!) we headed back to the hostel to dress up for a night unlike any other. Let me preface this by saying it was a cultural experience more than anything else.

Kapital is a famous seven-story club, each floor with different music. We went with two of Amanda's friends who are studying abroad in Spain this semester. The club doesn't really get started until waaay after midnight, and by then it is completely packed. Packed. We arrived at 12:30 and stayed until close...6 a.m. Yes, I know. You are surprised! Somehow time is weird in Madrid. It is always later than you think it is. We were shocked when we looked at the clock for the first time and realized it was already 3:45.

Surprisingly, and perhaps unfortunately, there were way more guys than girls, and Spanish guys (at least the ones here) were very forward and direct. I fended off numerous males but considered it an opportunity to practice my Spanish at least! In fact as I reflected later I realized I used the most Spanish of the trip at Kapital!

Anyway, we did have fun dancing, although I am pretty sure I witnessed some risque behaviors. Rachel, Kathy and I tried some karaoke. The real reason we stayed until 6 is that the Metro starts back up then, and a taxi, well, costs money. Needless to say we slept in the next day until 1 pm!