Tuesday, May 5

my trip to the hundred acre wood?

Tuesday, May 5
April 18

In the afternoon, we wandered to Plaza Mayor, and were greeted by a mariachi band and a ton of street performers.

For some reason, Pooh Bear is exceptionally popular among Spaniards...we saw 4 Poohs within 100 feet of each other! Hahaha.

Enjoy also this aging Spiderman, and an odd couple:

Next we walked to La Basilica de Santa Maria, one of my favorites. The ceilings were so colorful!

Then we visited my favorite palace of the entire trip. Palacio Real. Man this thing is a beast. We didn't even plan on going in, but some of us really needed to find a restroom and paying the entrance fee was our only option. As we walked through the first three rooms, we all realized this palace is WAY more ornate than Versailles. We couldn't take pictures of the inside, so check them out here.Outside, the surreal Spanish clouds greeted us. The Prado art museum is free at night, so it was our next stop. We made sure to see "the bot" and the Spanish masters. (I should explain...our Dutch Art History professor was obcessed with Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Delights, and loved to point out the questionable sexual acts occurring in the painting, including a man with flowers coming out of his bot [English= butt]).

We didn't make it to the Reina Sofia- thus one of my regrets of the trip is not being able to see Picasso's Guernica. However, Madrid is definitely a really cool city with lots to see and do.